Linda has the ability to make our dreams come alive for us. I have found such riches personally and professionally from understanding how to work with my own dreams and those of others. Her creative use of so many methods of dream exploration continues to amaze me. ”

-- Dream Circle Member


Dreams come to us in the service of health, healing and wholeness. Our job is to decipher their hidden and veiled meanings so that we can use their energy in our lives. Unpacking our dreams allows us to access our creativity, our healing, our connections with self, and our experience of the numinous. Dreams come to tell us something that we don’t already know. Working with others helps us to get past the surface meanings of our own limited understanding to a deeper and fuller knowledge of the gifts and connections the dream is bringing to our own life, and possibly the lives of others.

The Dreamworker: Linda Yael Schiller
Linda has studied with noted dreamworkers Robert Bosnack, Robert Moss, Maria Louse Van Franz, Jeremy Taylor, Marion Woodman, Eugene Gendler, and Stanley Krippner. She has been a member of a personal dream circle since 1985, and has been teaching dreamwork and running dream circles professionally since 1990. Schiller integrates dreamwork into individual therapy with clients as well as providing short-term consultation specifically on dreams. She regularly provides workshops and trainings on various aspects of dreamwork in a variety of venues. She works from multiple dream theory perspectives including Jungian, Gestalt, Embodied Dreamwork, dream theater, psycho-spiritual, shamanic, and expressive.

Interpretation through a Kabbalistic Lens
Linda has created an innovative framework for doing dreamwork through a method from Kabbalah that involves exploring the multiple levels of the dream as one would read the Torah. It is based on the mystical system of the Pardes: exploring the four levels of ever deepening meaning.

The GAIA* Method for Dreamwork with Trauma
Linda has also created a framework for dreamwork with trauma, called the “Guided Active Imagination Approach”. This method, based on Jung’s active imagination and dream re-entry techniques, incorporates the principles of stage oriented healing from trauma. It creates a safety protocol through use of imagery and anchoring to ground the dreamer before and during the exploration phase of the dream.

Dream Circles
Linda offers Dream Circle experiences for professionals and for clients. Working in a small group format enhances the dream exploration and creates a powerful bond among the members of the group. Linda also offers workshops on dreamwork.

Please contact Linda for information about joining a Dream Circle or organizing a workshop.

A dream un-interpreted is like a letter unopened.

-- The Talmud