Linda is an extremely talented and skilled therapist and teacher. She has an exquisite understanding of both traditional and alternative practices and of energy medicine, with such a variety of tools and techniques in her repertoire. Her warmth, compassion, experience and humor make her a real leader in the field. ”

-- T.T.

About Linda Schiller, MSW, LICSW

Linda Schiller is a graduate of Boston University School of Social Work and is a licensed independent clinical social worker. Following years of agency work with trauma survivors, adolescents, and community mental health, she established a private practice beginning in 1987. Her twenty year academic career includes appointments as professor of social work at Regis College, and subsequently at Boston University, teaching group work and clinical practice. She has published numerous articles, book chapters, and audiotapes, and is a sought after speaker in the fields of trauma and dissociation, dreamwork and imagery, mindfulness and spirituality, energy psychology, and group work.

Linda has received extensive training in many alternative psycho-spiritual and body-oriented fields of practice. Her alternative practices include training or certification in EMDR, TAT, EFT, NLP, HBLU, IFS, AEDP, Dreamwork, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Brain Gym, Sensory-motor integration, Enneagram, and Shamanic healing. Linda is familiar with the neuro-psychology of trauma and is able to incorporate healing methods that address the neural patterns laid down in the brain by trauma and stress.

Areas of specialization include trauma and dissociation, grief and loss, life transitions, anxiety and depression, and spiritual direction.

Dreams are the night language of the soul. Dreamwork opens us up to the deepest parts of ourselves. If we attend to our dreaming we can be rewarded with insight, creativity, and spiritual direction.

-- Linda Schiller